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Akram Sabbagh
EMCC Asia Pacific Region

With over 18 years of coaching experience behind him, Ak works with Boards, Senior Executives, Teams, Business Units and owners of Mid- Tier businesses on their commercial, cultural and personal growth.

In a nutshell, he inspires Confidence, Leadership, Focus and Clarity within those he works with. Specifically, he enjoys working with people to create robust Growth Strategies for their business. This includes working on product positioning and brand strategies, developing robust channels to market, and structuring businesses to maximise revenue, sales (and ultimately profit).

While the outcome for many clients results in an increased asset/commercial value, Ak delights in seeing his clients get more out of life in general, in finding the time for their families and striking an overall balance in life.

Based in Western Australia, Ak’s clients include a diverse range of Resource Industry (Hard Rock & Oil and Gas) businesses as well as businesses servicing that industry.

He also coaches businesses within other industry sectors including Banking, Financial Planning, Accounting, Property Development, Legal, Biotechnology, Government (Federal, State & Local), Health & Education Sectors, Real Estate, Engineering and Construction, Advertising, Hospitality, IT, and Manufacturing.

EMCC Asia Pacific - Embracing Diversity and Championing Harmony in a new Region - Panel Discussion
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09/06/22, 08:00

Being United in Harmony may mean different things to different people. Even the words “United” and “Harmony” may be interpreted differently in other languages. When the EMCC Asia Pacific Region was first conceptualised, we hoped it would help to unite people of different cultures, languages, beliefs etc under a common passion and interest in coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Kicking off in January 2019, the Asia Pacific Region has grown from 30 to over 300 members across 19 countries. To explore how the Region is encouraging unity and harmony, Ak Sabbagh, President of EMCC APR speaks with members and Regional Ambassadors Vineeta Yadav (India), Heru Yuwono (Indonesia), Sunil Hasmukharay (Malaysia) and Eadren Tan (Singapore). What has been their experience of how EMCC has encouraged being Unity in Harmony across the Asia Pacific region?

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