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Alison Mitchell
United Kingdom

The co-ordinators of this session are all experienced in research and practice who believe that the future of evidence -based coaching mentoring and supervision is dependant on harmony between researchers and practitioners though collaboration where equal voices are heard and understood:

Alison Mitchell is EMCC Global Head of Research Development, Independent Consultant, Executive and Team Coach, and Director of Inclusive Development at University of Lincoln with a strong commitment to collaboration for innovation, participative research, and equality, diversity and inclusion in research and coaching.

Research in harmony with practice or practice in harmony with research?
Your Time:
09/06/22, 14:20

In harmony definitions:
‘Agreement of ideas, feelings or actions or a pleasing combination of different parts.’
‘The situation in which people live or work happily together without any big problems.’

Starting from the perspective of practitioner’s professional knowledge skills and competencies, this session provides an opportunity for participants to explore the tools we have as practitioners that would help us to engage in harmony with research to enhance our practice.

Research is increasingly playing a vital role in shaping practice in coaching mentoring and supervision. Practitioners hear a lot about evidence-based practice and face increased pressure to engage with it. Using an evidence base to inform practice is fast becoming part of ethical practice. However, practitioners rarely engage in research processes due to for example time constraints, lack of agency or lack of confidence especially in identifying and appraising the quality of research. Practitioners can have difficulty differentiating between studies with realistic limitations and those that contain fatal flaws. There are significant challenges about what evidence is, and thus how practitioners can use research in decision-making in reality. There is ‘a research gap’ and we invite you to help us close it by building harmony between practitioners and researchers and engage more with research to enhance your own practice.

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