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Angela Keane
Keane Learning & Mentoring

“I love the uniqueness and difference in each client. I strive to help them to help themselves, so they can flourish independently.”

Angela is a seasoned coach and supervisor. Her previous senior management roles in News International (London) and Dow Jones (Singapore) ensure she brings a commercial understanding and knowledge to her work. She partners with her clients, ensuring an customised and flexible approach, which can be both supportive yet challenging. She has a particular passion around communication skills, helping clients overcome and master the challenges associated with cross-cultural teams, working with difference and diversity. Angela is an experienced coach of individuals and teams in the UK, Europe and Asia, working with every level of leadership, from Executive Board to High Potential talent.

She works across a variety of sectors including Media, Advertising, Professional Services, Technology, FMCG, Retail, Pharma, Communications and Education. She also offers coaching for effective on-boarding and transition to new roles and situations.

Her supervision work is increasingly defined by a creative and exploratory perspective, helping clients to uncover and unleash their untapped potential while attending to professional standards, support and development of the coach. She supervises novice practitioners, independent and internal coaches as well as experienced practitioners.

Supervision – Mystery, Myth and Reality
Your Time:
10/06/22, 09:35

EMCC views supervision as essential for the professional practice of every coach, mentor and supervisor in their work with clients and organisations. All practitioners benefit from a safe space to reflect with a supervisor in support of their well-being and resilience, growth and development, and quality work.
Through interactive dialogue, this session we will explore the myths and misunderstandings often associated with supervision alongside realities of how it actually works and its impact. EMCC’s new Supervision Guidelines will be leveraged, including a new definition. The overarching goal of the session is to raise awareness about the new Guidelines and engage practitioners in a conversation around what the guidelines mean to them and their practice. Questions for the participants to engage with may include:
• What are some myths, mysteries and misconceptions about supervision?
• What does supervision mean for your professional practice?
• What does supervision really do to support the practitioners?
• How much supervision is enough to support good enough practice?

Given supervision’s importance, it’s imperative that practitioners are aware of EMCC’s guidelines to better understand, and help others to understand, what it is, how it works and when to use it.

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