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Jo Boniszewski
The Netherlands
Barefoot Training

Workshop leaders Marie Dancourt-Cavanagh and Jo Boniszewski are both a part of the Global Programme Leader Team of the Center for Transformational Presence and have been personally mentored by Alan Seale, the creator of this approach.

Jo has been working as a self-employed leadership & executive coach for 15 years. Her clients are mainly senior leaders in for profit businesses. She works one-to-one, with leadership teams and has trained groups of leaders using the Transformational Presence approach. Her work focusses on equipping her clients to live and lead with ease and impact in these turbulent times.

Transformational Presence: Listening for Meaning Beyond Harmony
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10/06/22, 08:00

In these turbulent times, reuniting people to find peace and a shared way forward seems a worthwhile objective. So surely, should we not all aim to be ‘United in Harmony’?

Whilst the answer to this question may appear to be obvious; at a deeper level there is an invitation to approach this theme from a different and more meaningful place.

In this workshop we invite you to step beyond the duality or polarities of harmony and disharmony, unity and division. We stretch past the temptation to see this question as something to be solved.

Instead you will learn how to connect with the potential for something new and better that is present in even the most challenging of questions. Transformational Presence meets complexity with a powerful simplicity that cuts quickly to the core, allowing you to identify next steps forward. It is a ‘TransformActional’ way of coaching and leading into the future.

The workshop will be interactive, and experiential so please do not expect a long theoretical presentation. Instead, you will be invited to dive in and experiment. You will learn simple yet powerful concepts and tools that can immediately be applied in your coaching and leadership.

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