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Kevin Cowley
United Kingdom
Kevin Cowley Coaching Ltd

I am an experienced coach, coach supervisor and facilitator with many years experience as a senior leader within the British Civil Service. I specifically help existing and new Civil Servants to grow and develop within a unique culture. I can also help those new to the Civil Service by demystifying and providing support through the transition from private to public sector, avoiding some of the pitfalls on the way.

I have a Humanistic approach to coaching that aims to work with the whole person, not just the symptoms. Through empathy and care it places the relationship between the coach and the client at the heart and focuses on exploration and co-creation to find sustainable ways of being in the world.

We are all made up of a series of experiences and memories and when we are given time and space to explore them it is amazing what we can discover about ourselves. New ways of seeing the world, of looking at and addressing life’s challenges and transitioning through periods of change can all be realised.

My practice involves co-creating a safe space for individuals and teams to learn, to experiment, to be challenged and ultimately to grow. When was the last time you or your team spent any real time thinking about yourselves, what is important to you, what is stopping you from moving forwards, why you feel the way you do about a specific event or person? When people experience positive emotional states such as curiosity and an openness to experience, it can lead to more goal orientated behaviours and a deeper meta level of transformational learning.

An examination of cultural self-reflexivity experiences of coaches and their effect on the coach/client relationship
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09/06/22, 12:45

The presentation will look at the findings from a recent research project looking at the affect of cultural self-reflexivity on a group of 6 coaches'. It will examines how our relationship with out own cultural identity can impact on the relationship with a client from a different cultural identity

The research provides insight into how cultural self-reflection can act as a block to progress and prevent the coach from being wholly present for the client. The results showed how individual guilt and shame concerning cultural history often prevents the raising of cultural observations with clients, specifically where the coach identified with a culture with a history of oppression against other cultures. It further highlighted the need to own feelings of guilt and shame and attend to them with curiosity and compassion. In doing so, participants found it easier to discuss their own feelings with clients, allowing an opening of the space to discuss cultural issues without fear of potential accusations of racism or oppression.

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