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Kirsten Dierolf
SolutionsAcademy -- Speaking! GmbH

Kirsten Dierolf, M.A., MP (EMCC), ESIA (EMCC), MCC (ICF), MASFP (IASTI) is the owner and founder of SolutionsAcademy, a global ICF accredited coach training academy with pending EMCC accreditations. She coaches executives and teams mainly for global corporations and has designed and delivered several global initiatives for leadership development for large international corporations. Kirsten mentors MCC candidates through innovative programs and individual mentoring. She currently serves as the immediate president past of the German Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. Kirsten is member of the ICF assessor teams for MCC and PCC and a subject matter expert on teamcoaching.
She is the author of “Solution Focused Team Coaching”, co-author of “The Solutions Tango” and “Coaching plain and simple” and editor of “Solution Focused Practice around the World” published as the result of the first global conference of Solution Focus which spanned all applications of SF, an initiative she spearheaded in 2017.

She is a “virtual guru” and has been delivering online programs since 2008 when nobody even thought that this is possible. She speaks 7 languages and has worked on all continents (except Antarctica)

Kirsten has extensive training in narrative therapy and has been exploring how social-constructionist ideas can infuse the coaching world. As she is experiencing more and more polarization in public and online spaces, she has been researching how to respond to such situations in order to create understanding and peace. She has published several podcasts and articles on the topics. ( and

Narrative Coaching Ideas for Conflict Resolution and Evoking Lasting Harmony
Your Time:
10/06/22, 09:35

Most conflict resolution approaches focus either on a diagnosis of the conflict (what kind, which phase of escalation, etc.) or on enabling the conflict partners to find a solution, something they can do differently afterwards. While these approaches are tried and trusted effective methods, in my experience more lasting peace and harmony can be achieved by using a narrative approach to conflict coaching.

In this workshop, you can learn about the thinking behind "narrative conflict resolution". In order for lasting conflict resolution, the conflict partners need to come to different conclusions about the identity of their conflict partner than before. Instead of thinking "he/she is a horrible, aggressive person", for example, they might conclude that the conflict partner's culture is simply a "louder" culture and no aggression was intended. You will be able to learn about and practice several "dance moves" for the coach that come from narrative therapy but can be used easily in a coaching conversation which may help to coach individuals or several clients on a conflict resolution topic and invite participants to try them out or give a demo / video as an example. Some of these "dance moves" can also be applied to communicate with others in heated (online) discussions. Participants will take away not only "dance moves" for coaching but also for creating more understanding in todays world when they are not operating as a coach.

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