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Kirsten M. Poulsen
KMP+ House of Mentoring

Kirsten M. Poulsen
Kirsten M. Poulsen is one of the leading experts in Europe on mentoring in an organisational context, designing and delivering high impact mentoring programmes focused on leadership, talent development and diversity. Kirsten is the founder and owner of KMP+ House of Mentoring founded in 2000, a Danish consulting company working globally delivering mentoring programmes, mentor and mentee training, mentoring programme design packages and training for programme managers and accreditation in the use of the Mentor+System.

Kirsten is the creator of the Mentor+System which includes the Mentor+Survey for evaluating the process and documenting the results of mentoring programmes and the Mentor+Game for training mentors and mentees providing them with a common tool and language for their collaboration.

Author of several books and many articles on mentoring, leadership, talent development and career navigation, Kirsten enjoys both writing, speaking and facilitating to impart knowledge and to facilitate learning processes.

Kirsten is former External Professor at Copenhagen Business School (2010-2019) with the elective “Mentoring and coaching in an organizational context”. She is is co-founder and first President (2007-09) and board member (2021-2023) of EMCC Denmark and she holds an EMCC EIA award as a senior practitioner. Among present clients are Danfoss, Novo Nordisk, Leo Pharma, Philips, University of Oslo, University of Brighton and more.

Mentoring for social cohesion in the hybrid workplace
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09/06/22, 14:20

The last two years of the pandemic has resulted in what we are now calling the hybrid workplace - meaning a more flexible workplace where employees can work from home and from the office or even live in one country and work virtually for a company in another country. Companies are trying to find the right balance for the hybrid workplace and they are experimenting and implementing policies for when, how and how much individuals can and should work from home/office. During the pandemic we have seen how this influences the social cohesion at work and wellbeing. People loose touch with what is happening in the company, they feel less a part of something bigger, and they become isolated and only talk to colleagues when they have to perform.

During this period of time, mentoring has become more and more popular as a means to engage and involve individuals in relationships outside of normal hierarchical lines and without specific performance goals.

This session will explore and share stories about how mentoring can contribute to social cohesion, well-being, relationship building and thus to retention and continued personal and career development even when most work must happen online. We will provide time for 1-2 breakouts for the participants to share their stories.

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