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Michael Omer
United Kingdom
Michael Omer Coaching

Michael Omer, a music graduate of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, is an executive coach who has a parallel career as a composer, scoring music for OSCAR nominated and EMMY award-winning drama, and he loves to bring music into his practice whenever possible. He is an affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching (IOC) at Harvard Medical School, and was invited in April 2021 to present an ongoing series of interactive sessions on 'Grief and Loss', in support of clients in mostly non end-of-life situations, but who are experiencing feelings akin to grief, even if these are often not recognised as such.

Rhythm, Energy Space and Time - Drawing Inspiration from the Arts in how we coach
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09/06/22, 14:20

Are you looking for new ways to help your clients gain deeper insight into what surrounds them? Being in the moment is a key skill today, but as we all know, it’s often hard to do when under pressure.

In this session, we will explore how you can help your clients gain a deeper level of awareness and understanding by helping them to apply the mindset of a performing artist and the elements they consider critical for a performance such as preparation, delivery, and audience experience.

We will share with you learning from research conducted with Dulcinea – a classical string quartet and we will introduce you to a newly formed model called REST (Rhythm, Energy, Space and Time). We will also collaborate, using breakouts, to build a “RESTful Coaching” approach for us all. We would like you to:

- feel supported by the constituent elements of the REST model, as a complementary set of coaching tools

- draw inspiration from the emotional intelligence (EQ) that artists and performers bring to their work

- help clients experience and apply a useful model for being in the moment

- enrich your coaching conversations by enabling new insights that inform development and growth

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