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Patrice Gordon
Eminere Limited

Patrice has a 12-year career working at senior levels in Finance and Commercial within the Travel and Logistics industry.

Patrice qualified as an Executive Coach in 2017 and since then has developed her practice to focus on females in the workplace, inclusive leadership and reverse mentoring. Her efforts on building an inclusive environment for all has been recognised internationally by Richard Branson, the TED leadership community & most recently, Brené Brown.

She has a passion for helping people realise their potential which is what led her to developing a career in coaching. Currently supporting Women in Travel, Hospitality and Leisure as a panelist and a mentor for number of ambitious Women keen to climb the ranks in their respective organisations. She has coached leaders across FTSE 250 businesses and her commitment to helping others ‘be their best’, places her as one of the most astute personal and business coaches in the field today.

Her unique combination of strong business acumen, influencing and negotiating skills alongside her commitment to driving change has led her to be recognised across a number of mediums over the past 3 years.

Mentoring: Removing barriers and building belonging in the workplace
Your Time:
08/06/22, 12:30

Improving employee diversity and ensuring inclusive leadership, are goals for most organisations today, but what is the path to getting there? Reverse Mentoring is when “the novice teaches the master”—while typical mentoring programs arrange for a senior leader to teach the more junior employee, Reverse Mentoring is the opposite: it’s all about a leader leaning into their vulnerability, forming a relationship with an underrepresented employee, and creating a way to amplify the voice of underrepresented people within the company.

As part of my research, I will share evidence where this programme has been set up and completed very successfully to examples of which it has not, leading to detrimental damage to the level of organisations trust and of course the individual(s) involved.
Collectively we will then explore the prerequisites of setting up a successful programme

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