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Paul Crick
United Kingdom
The Elevate Partnership Limited

Paul is the Founder and Managing Partner of his own leadership development consultancy, The Elevate Partnership. He specialises in helping teams to expand their inner character and capacity to enable them to create value and impact for all stakeholders.

What New Lessons Music & Martial Arts Can Teach Us About Being United In Harmony
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09/06/22, 09:35

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust

Martial arts and music both provide both a familiar lens and counterintuitive truths as to how harmony is created. For example, consider music. Dissonant harmony applied in the right musical context and with care creates deeper, richer harmonies that create listening experiences that move both the head and the heart. Consider too, martial arts. The concept of transient hypofrontality is an essential component of the flow state which transforms a performance from two people working hard to fulfil their roles in the creation of performance to blending and merging into a single, effortless and graceful performance.

In 2019, the global spend on leadership development was $366BN and look where we are!

Old ideas need to be replace with counter intuitive thinking and consideration of lessons that can be drawn from other important domains to help teams strengthen the connective tissue between team members to achieve entrainment, harmonisation and grace to deliver greater value to all stakeholders.

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