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Rajesh Misca
Romania, UK, Nederlands
Corporate Vocational Institute

An EMCC award winning Mentor, Rajesh has stopped being the High Performance Coach to explore the world of Human Centric Coaching.
Diving away from the set world of process driven coaching, that focuses on a specific demographic, in the post covid era of 2020 onwards he has been focusing on real life coaching with people who need this support.
Focus has been on the plights of migrant workers across various strata of corporate ladders and addressing their existential needs for performance and self belief.

Coaching the Commoner - United Colours of Workforce
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10/06/22, 08:00

How would you coach people to believe in themselves, when they have been used to the life of being ignored all through?
As a Coach, What would you do to motivate someone who is disconnected with reality, but is mentally sane, and logically correct in living a estranged life working away from everything they love?
How will you make a difference as a Coach when the coachee in front of you believes they don't have any rights?
Would you coach a person whose economic strength is almost non-existent and their only outlook is to live today, for a better tomorrow?
COACHING THE COMMONER - UNITED COLOURS OF WORKPLACE is a reflection of all these questions and some answer I found living as a commoner to understand their plight, and to devise a coaching approach to enable these people.

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