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Rixt Kuiper

With almost 20 years’ experience in the US, Asia and Europe, Rixt is an accomplished executive coach and leadership consultant. She is a committed source of change, combining logic, intuition and a down-to-earth approach to create results that last. Rixt is passionate about improving sustainable business performance through conscious leadership.

She leads senior executives towards a peaceful revolution fueled by values, ethics and soul towards a future of meaning and empowerment of themselves, their team and organization.

Rixt offers international experience from a wide range of industries. She has worked with people from more than 30 countries, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, most notably on developing emotional intelligence for multicultural groups, teams and leaders ranging from executives to CEOs.

Exploring Non-Western Approaches to Coaching
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09/06/22, 08:00

The Intercultural Coaching Community offer a 70-minute session on Exploring Non-Western Approaches to Coaching.

What are we missing when we only base our coaching on western research and methodologies?

The session offers a fresh meta view on the variety of paradigms in the global landscape of coaching.

We invite a Panel with international Master coaches from Asia, Middle East and African to share their views on coaching literature and practices. We will explore how our cultural differences might influence coaching approaches and exchange the universal values that inform and unite us in the coaching we offer across the globe.

With this session on the EMCC 2022 Conference we aim to become aware of the potential blind spot of western ways of coaching and look for options to create a more global inclusive coaching approach for intercultural coaches.

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