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Siobhán Cahalan

Siobhán Cahalan is an EMCC Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner level and a qualified Coaching Supervisor.

Her global management and leadership expertise spans from working with The Wall Street Journal to working on Wall Street leading to her mission as Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor to guide individuals and organisations in the pursuit of good governance. She believes that healthy coaches offer the best service to their clients and the companies they work with.

Good governance for an organisation means to manage the day-to-day operations, in line with the vision, strategy and planning, with integrity and in the best interests of all stakeholders. As individuals, we recognise that our choices result in favourable governance or poor governance in our own lives and are aware that each decision, choice and action we make and take are the strands to create a fulfilling and peaceful tapestry.

Siobhán offers people a ‘space to talk’. She is comfortable with silence and allows individuals a profound space to express, recognising we are simple, yet complex and intricate. Although we are all the same, we are also very, very different.

Her unique touch is clearly recognized as a seamless, simple, silent and efficient art of working.

Shoemakers well shod? How coaching supervision supports coach maturity.
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09/06/22, 09:35

All over the world, popular sayings about shoemakers mention the fact that they are always the worst shod!

As coaches, mentors, supervisors, clients, what if we could explore together ways to be better shod, so that we could walk higher, deeper, longer?

Based on their 30 years of practice of coaching and supervision Siobhán and Frédérique are curious and explore what makes a mature coach and why coach maturity is beneficial for the client… for the coach...and for the stakeholder.

In this workshop, we will offer a definition of coaching maturity, a framework on how coaches can self-evaluate, how coaching supervisors can support its development and how some elements of coach professionalism can be viewed by coaching stakeholders. You will explore and experience coaching maturity with the four dimensions of your being (cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual). Be ready to be challenged with caring and daring questions.

To get to know ourselves better, we develop a more harmonious and authentic outlook as we lessen our doubts and inhibitions and support each other through reflecting on how to 'show-up' as a coach in a healthy relationship to oneself and to the client.

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